Are Women Allowed to Love Their Jobs?

My grandmother worked. My mother worked. But I’m the
only one who was encouraged to seek fulfillment in a career.

Student on student sexual assault is more common than we thought

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Sexual abuse of students by other students happens more frequently in schools than reported, according to a new investigative report. Associated Press reporters tallied during a four-year period at least 17,000 cases around the country, including many that were treated as bullying or hazing instead. Jeffrey Brown learns more from Emily Schmall of the Associated Press.

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MILCK – “Quiet”

As a survivor of anorexia, abuse, and depression, I can say that I have let the overwhelming pressures of filling media/society’s expectations of “how a woman should be” overwhelm and silence my inner voices – without even realizing I was doing it. Until… I just couldn’t breathe anymore. As I live more days on this planet now, I can say with full confidence that there are no standards or rules worth crushing our soul bones to fit into. Life gets better when we just… let it out.

I hope you enjoy, and feel empowered or comforted after watching. If you see some of yourself in this video, please share and pass the word on. Much love to you.

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Child Sexual Abuse in organisations and institutions

Over recent years we have seen a growing recognition of the problem of child sexual abuse, both historically and non-recent, ranging from sexual abuse by celebrities, institutional child sexual abuse and sexual abuse within the criminal justice system (i.e., the police & prison service ); which have resulted in a series of inquiries in to institutional child sexual abuse in England and Wales ( Independent Inquiry into Child Sexual Abuse , the Office for the Children’s Commissioner’s report into CSA in the Family Environment ), Scotland ( Scottish Child Abuse Inquiry ), Northern Ireland ( Historical Institutional Abuse Inquiry ) and Australia ( Royal Commission into Institutional responses to Child Sexual Abuse.

Source: Child Sexual Abuse in organisations and institutions

Abuse is Abuse

This might be a good time to simply “rip the bandage off” and get back to the basics: Abuse is abuse. Part of what makes it abuse is that one can never know the outcome. As co-blogger Jon Brandt recently noted, research has shown a particularly challenging truth; that those who are abused don’t necessarily view their experience as abuse.

Source: Abuse is Abuse