Women. Healing. Violence.

Women. Healing. Violence.

WOMEN. HEALING. VIOLENCE. is about confronting difficult issues, finding solutions, and believing in the possibility of change.

WOMEN. HEALING. VIOLENCE. arises from my experiences as a trauma-focused psychotherapist working with women, men, and children impacted by violence against women. What I curate is also filtered through my experiences as a researcher examining the sources of mental illness, gender-based violence, and traumatic stress. The issue is also a personal one for me, as the daughter of a woman who endured domestic violence and as a survivor of childhood abuse.

WOMEN. HEALING. VIOLENCE. does not intentionally ignore that men are also victims of violence — they are, and often of the same types of violence as women. Nor does it imply men are not a necessary part of the dialogue as well as part of the solution. On the contrary, men are crucial for — even central to — solving the problem of violence against women. Violence against women is a human issue and a global one. Without a collaborative effort that engages all sexes and sexual orientations, healing as well as creating new gender dynamics can’t come about.

WOMEN. HEALING. VIOLENCE. curates information about reactions to violence against women as well as efforts to reach solutions, and sometimes shares posts from my blog. The goal is to both bring awareness to the issue and find ways to eradicate violence against women in all its forms, including domestic violence, intimate partner violence, sexual assault, rape (including as a weapon of war), sex trafficking, and sexual harassment.

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Laura K Kerr, PhD