Who are campus rapists and what should we do with them?

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Part 1 of 2.

In the past two weeks, the media has focused a flood of attention on the perpetrators of sexual misconduct on college campuses. Who are these people? Why do they assault? What happens to them if they get caught? A long-held belief is that most sexual assailants are repeat-offenders—that a vast majority of campus rapes are committed by a small number of perpetrators (the White House said 90% of campus rapes are committed by 3% of people). In response to this evidence, studies began to look for ways to identify these individuals.

In surveys of both college men and men in a metropolitan community, 30-40% committed some form of sexual assault and these men could be distinguished from non-offenders by 1) sexually aggressive beliefs and rape myth acceptance, 2) hostility and stereotypic attitudes toward women, 3) positive attitudes about casual sex, 4) antisocial personality traits, 5)…

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