JOIN! “Worldwide Network For Gender Empowerment”



Worldwide Network for Gender Empowerment (WNGE) is an engaged and diverse ecosystem comprised of global members committed to research, collaboration, and action in support of women’s and gender issues. WNGE is focused on impacting change with cross-cutting measures in sectors including education, health care, environment, poverty, violence prevention, equality, and globalization.

WNGE is dedicated to impacting change by connecting local, regional, and national initiatives to a global community through innovative ecosystems, collaborative networks, and scholar activism.


  • Create a Resilient, Visible, and Connected Global Network
  • Support Effectiveness and Collaboration to Accelerate and Sustain Action
  • Democratize Funding and Target Investments Based on Impact Metrics
  • Nurture, Direct and Harness Scholar Activism to Impact Engagement
  • Synthesize and Structure Information to Build Global Awareness, Impact Policy, and Guide Research