Rape, violence unheeded at universities in South Africa

Johannesburg – There were 247 reported cases of sexual violence, domestic violence and rape at 15 universities across the country in the past three years. But only two cases were reported to the police.

By Angelique Serrao

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Sixty of these cases resulted in internal charges being brought against alleged perpetrators by the universities.

These figures emerged in Parliament in a reply by Minister of Higher Education Blade Nzimande to questions asked by DA higher education spokeswoman Belinda Bozzoli.

Nzimande sent the questions to universities that responded themselves.

Of the 30 reported cases of rape, only eight reached a conclusion. Of the 68 reports of sexual violence, 38 were taken further and, of the 149 reports of domestic violence among students, 18 were pursued to a conclusion by the universities.

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