Meredith Vieira Opens Up About Staying in an Abusive Relationship

by Cassie Kreitner

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Meredith Vieira opened up to her audience on The Meredith Vieira Show with her personal #WhyIStayed story, revealing why she stayed in a relationship that grew increasingly abusive.

In our May 2006 issue, Vieira shared more details about this relationship, and how she used her experiences to try to make a difference for others:

“My career was starting to take off, and he was a person that tried to take control,” Vieira says. “He would slap me and then make up, saying, ‘I’ll never do this again,’ crying. I pushed him emotionally, and he lashed back physically. It escalated to the point where he actually threw me out of the apartment naked. I sat out all night in the stairwell, and the next morning he let me in. And that’s when I started to plan my departure. It took almost 12 months.

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