Can L’Oréal edge way forward for gender equality?

BY RUTH SEALY, The Conversation

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The US division of L’Oréal has recently gained a new gender equality certification. The Economic Dividends for Gender Equality (EDGE) certification is a way that companies can “prove” their credentials as being committed to gender equality and can then reap the benefits of a more diverse workforce and appeal to customers who care how they treat their employees.

EDGE claims to be the only global business certification scheme for gender equality. Launched at the Davos World Economic Forum in 2011, it has since been tested and rolled out across a number of multinationals. Assessing and tracking progress have continued and 2014 has seen the first companies achieve the EDGE Certification across industries ranging from banking to consultancy.

So far so good. It sounds like a great idea, but will it really take off? We know that other standards have significantly affected consumer behaviour – for example, who doesn’t now look at the energy efficiency ratings when buying new white goods? But will this work for improving gender equality in our organisations?

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