WHO report maps global suicide problem for the first time

By , Reema Rattan, Warren Clark, The Conversation

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[Anthony] Jorm said suicidal thoughts among women were more common in developed countries, but men were more likely to act on such feelings and thoughts.

“Men tend to be more impulsive than women so they are more likely to die by suicide,” he said. “They’re also more likely to use lethal methods so they’re more likely to die on their first attempt.”

De Leo added that in poor countries, the number of women who died by suicide was often higher.

“In many developing countries, young women of marital age are subject to a lot of pressure,” he said. “They may be forced into marriages that they’re not able to tolerate or face abuse that may render their life hell so their suicide rate is higher.”

Jorm said differences in suicide rates reflected social expectations and gender roles that needed to be looked at on a country-by-country basis, and socioeconomic issues also played a role.

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