The 16 Countries Where Women Are Faring Equal To Or Better Than Men

In most countries, men have higher well-being than women. But not in all. And that’s at least some progress.


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When you compare the overall development and well-being of men versus women, men are clearly better off in most societies across the globe. But there are exceptions–countries where women are now doing better than men–and those countries are worth noting.

Overall, the United Nations‘ latest Human Development Report shows women are 8% less well-off than men, considering concerns like education achievement, life expectancy, and income. In South Asia, for example, there’s a 17% gap between the sexes, reflecting persistent inequality and discrimination.

However, of 148 countries included, this trend does not hold true in the following 16 countries, in which females all have higher human development values than men: Argentina, Barbados, Belarus, Estonia, Finland, Kazakhstan, Latvia, Lithuania, Mongolia, Poland, the Russian Federation, Slovakia, Slovenia, Sweden, Ukraine, and Uruguay.

The reasons are varied, the UN says: “For some of these countries, this may be attributed to higher female educational achievement; for others, to a significantly longer female life expectancy–over five years longer than that of males.”

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