Helping women escape ‘the life’

By Kathleen Toner, CNN

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St. Paul, Minnesota (CNN) — As darkness falls, Joy Friedman hits the streets — the same ones she used to troll for customers while working as a prostitute.

“My last trick was turned behind that storefront,” she said, gesturing to a nearby building.

Now the survivor of sex trafficking cruises these neighborhoods with a different purpose. She’s looking for women and girls who are caught up in this lifestyle so she can offer them free condoms and hygiene products.

She is also delivering a message: There is help for them if they want it.

Friedman works for Breaking Free, a nonprofit that helps women escape prostitution. It’s where she got help 13 years ago.

“(Prostitution) has been happening forever. And forever, women have just been the victims of it,” said Vednita Carter, the organization’s founder. “They deserve better.”

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