NFL apparently thinks marijuana possession roughly same as domestic violence


Screenshot 2014-07-31 19.48.07

The NFL is still being criticized for giving Ray Rice a light, two-game suspension, as well it should.

The league did a really poor job explaining why the Ravens running back got a surprisingly short suspension for an incident in which he allegedly knocked his fiancee (now his wife) unconsciousand dragged her in an Atlantic City casino. One possible explanation is that NFL punishment was lighter because Rice avoided trial in his case by accepting a deal in which he entered a pretrial diversion program.

Now we get to a fairly apples vs. apples argument, and that’s with the one-game suspension of Bills linebacker Nigel Bradham.

What did Bradham do to get his suspension? Injure another person? Put someone in harm’s way? Physically abuse a female companion? Nah, he had a little bit of marijuana on him.

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