Patriarchy allows child marriage and female genital mutilation to flourish

Young feminists must help steer the fight against wider issues harming girls including poverty, marginalisation and exclusion

By Ghadeer Malek, Rachel Arinii and Nelly Bassily members of the Association for Women’s Rights in Development

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As young feminists, we often hear that the rights of girls need to be recognised, their voices amplified and their needs met. We are told that when girls are empowered, they can change their communities and the world.

That is a lot of pressure to put on the shoulders of girls. This raises the question: why, with all this interest in girls, are their rights violated in every country?

The Girl Summit in London, UK, this week has generated momentum and opportunities for funding to end child, early and forced marriage andfemale genital mutilation (FGM). While that is commendable, if we look beyond the pledges and outcome of the summit, it is evident that these harmful practices are connected to other injustices girls endure.

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