Caroline Norton

*Trigger warning* Domestic Violence
Caroline Norton, came from a privileged and politically connected family, was a society beauty and was a celebrated writer of poetry.

After the death of her father in South Africa, her family became penniless and she was pressurised into a marriage to support her family. In 1827 she married George Norton who was the Tory MP for Guildford, but Caroline was a Whig who wanted social reform and was interested in improving the lives of factory workers. The pair were political opposites and did not get on with each other.

George became an abusive husband who beat Caroline for a number of years and often had to be restrained when he became violent or drunkenly attacked her. One beating was so traumatic that she miscarried a pregnancy. However, during her marriage, Caroline had three children, Fletcher (1829-1859), Brinsley (1831-1877) and William (1833-1842) who she loved.


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