How survivors remain surviving

Speranza Human Compassion Project

                A study conducted in Sewanee University of the South reveals the life goals, strengths and resources needed for Domestic Violence survivorship.


         Abuse leads to a shattered confidence. Abusive partners may seem like the glue holding the pieces together when in actuality, going back to an abusive partner only enables the continuation of partner violence. Instead of falling back into unhealthy patterns, women can learn what helped other victims get through survivorship.

         Yooson Esther Chi and Sherry Hamby from the department of Psychology asked 100 different women open-ended questions that indicated what DV victims needed and wanted to achieve the most after surviving an unhealthy relationship:


  • In terms of psychological and personal needs, women that survived an abusive relationship relied on faith, personal strength and motivation to stay strong for the sake of their children. Having belief that every thing would work out…

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