Feminist Debates: 1. Pornography


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The women’s movement is a diverse, complex, multifaceted one with many differences of opinion and ways of thinking. Although most mainstream feminists generally agree about issues—such as being pro-choice or against genital cutting—there are several controversial issues about which no one general consensus has formed. This new series on feminist debates is half explanatory, half experiment: After giving each side of an issue equal fair time, there will be a poll to ask you, dear readers, what you think.

While almost all mainstream feminists agree that the pornography industry is problematic in the way it is currently produced, some feminists are against porn in principle, some are critical of the industry’s current state but not against pornography’s existence and other feminists’ opinions lie on a spectrum in between. What follows is meant to spark discussion about mainstream pornography; illegal and undeniably horrific pornography (such as child porn or rape videos) will not be addressed.

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