India’s gang rapes — and the failure to stop them


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Gang-rapes are evidence of entrenched social problems, analysts said: the resiliency of caste-based sexual violence, police indifference and a tolerance of sexual harassment.

“There is no magic formula to deal with the problem of rape,” Indira Jaisingh, national additional solicitor general, told the BBC in 2013. ”There’s a bias that operates in the mind of decision makers — stereotyping women, blaming the victim, trying to find out if she invited the rape.”

In the past four decades, the number of reported rape cases in India surged nearly 900 percent to 24,923 in 2012, according to the statistics from National Crime Records Bureau. Since many rapes go unreported, the problem may be worse. There’s familial pressure to keep quiet about the crime, and it’s difficult to know whether the increase means more rapes have occurred or shows a growing willingness among victims to come forward. Some activists estimated only 10 percent of rapes are actually reported — others feared as few as 1 percent are.

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