Tackling India’s Gender-Based Violence Epidemic

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women by: Anirudh Kumar

In December 2012, the gang-rape of a woman in Delhi ignited outrage across India. This popular eruption of anger brought many debates on the status of Indian women to the fore. Thereafter, rapes became highly publicized and the public pushed the government to take steps to improve the status of women and prevent rapes from occurring. While the government took some steps to alleviate the situation, such as establishing a fast-track court for rape cases, the underlying causes for the rampant violence against women in the country have largely been ignored.

Jamkhed is not immune to the epidemic of gender-based violence. Particularly in rural areas, parents of young women live in fear for their daughters’ well-being and see marrying them off as early as possible as a solution to the vulnerability of being a single woman who can be attacked at any moment. The result has been…

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