Is God a Woman? The Visions of Julian of Norwich


Here is a vision shown by the goodness of God to a devout woman, and her name is Julian, who is a recluse at Norwich and still alive, A.D. 1413, in which vision are very many words of comfort, greatly moving for all those who desire to be Christ’s lovers. (Julian of Norwich, Showings)

On the 13th of May 1373, a thirty year old woman from Norwich, known by the name of Julian of Norwich, was struck by a serious illness, as a consequence of which she experienced sixteen illuminative visions of the Passion of Christ and the Virgin Mary. The visions came to her in the moment of, what she believed to be, her death. Allegedly, lying in bed, she all of a sudden began to see, reflected in a crucifix held in front of her face, a series of details from 51ZshD1BuoLChrist’s Passion. The visions lasted for many…

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