Lauren Wolfe: “The Lost Girls”

Purposefully Scarred

Link to "The Lost Girls" Link to “The Lost Girls”

Eight more girls have been abducted by militants in Nigeria.

Lauren Wolfe writes (full article linked above):

“…all the outcry over ‘why aren’t we paying attention’ starts to look like it’s part of a deeper public distress: Why have we not paid attention in the past when thousands of girls — and boys — have been abducted in armed conflict? Why aren’t we paying attention, right now, to the girls caught in human trafficking webs or sold into early marriages or held in captivity as “wives” by armed groups? Why are we only now outraged? And will this outrage sustain itself as situations like this one unendingly arise? Will any amount of anger lead to any concrete solution?

…There is a cultural limit on how far we are willing to go in discussing something this harrowing, says media activist and writer Soraya Chemaly. ‘Things like…

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