My Body Is Not a Laptop (and 7 Other Misconceptions About Rape That I’d Like to Clear Up)



It seems that whenever important conversations about sexual violence and rape culture are raised, the dialogue easily gets derailed by a handful of recycled misconceptions. These dangerous platitudes pose a constant threat to progress, so too often we choose to ignore them instead of confronting them. Too often, we assume that the individuals peddling these misconceptions are doing it maliciously, instead of considering that they might genuinely lack understanding.

In an effort to clear things up, I spent an absurd amount of time in what can only be classified as the Internet doldrums: reading the comments on a cross-section of articles related to sexual violence including one of my own. (In an unrelated side note, can somebody please provide me with the textbook definition of “dumb ass female chauvinist”? Because it seems like something I should add to my LinkedIn headline.)

The goal of my cringe-worthy investigation was to identify and subsequently debunk the most pervasive misconceptions, ones that have been perpetuated both online and off.

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