Lessons from California: why compliance is not enough

Lobbying efforts to include supply chains legislation in the proposed UK modern slavery bill must push to go further than California’s Transparency in Supply Chain’s Act

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By Nicola Phillips

California‘s Transparency in Supply Chains (Tisc) Act, which took effect in 2012, is widely acknowledged as a step forward in addressing the global problems of human traffickingslavery and forced labour. While commendable, the act still lacks teeth.

In the UK, lobbying efforts to see provisions on supply chains included in the proposed modern slavery bill recognise this point and appear to have made some headway. In June last year a private member’s bill was brought before parliament by Michael Connarty MP, which was modelled on the California legislation. It was talked out at that time, but incorporating its provisions in the proposed modern slavery bill is now being considered, and the signs seem reasonably positive. To exclude supply chains legislation from the bill would be entirely self-defeating.

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