These Successful Women Prove The Power Of A Role Model

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When Emma Stone was honored as an MTV Trailblazer in 2012, she rattled off the people who had inspired her: “people like Gilda Radner and Bill Murray and John Candy and Charlie Chaplin and the Beatles and J.D. Salinger and Lorne Michaels, who reminds me of the importance of comedy, and Cameron Crowe, whose work consistently reminds me of why I want to be an actor.” But she went on to say that she was not following in their footsteps; rather, she was trying to do something original. “They make me want to be more myself,” she said.

Stone’s message was one worth paying attention to. And it was interesting to hear her name the people who made her want to pursue her dreams, showing that even the biggest stars have at one point or another turned to others for inspiration. Who does someone like Oprah consider a role model? Or back-to-back Oscar nominee Jessica Chastain? Below you’ll find 11 noteworthy women — many of whom have been called role models themselves — paired with some of the people they’ve respected, admired and looked up to over the years.

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