Darfur: A Policy of Rape Continues


Screen Shot 2013-07-25 at 9.34.39 AMABGADAM REFUGEE CAMP, Chad — Kaltouma Ahmed cried softly as she told why she fled Darfur this spring: Armed men in uniforms attacked her village, shooting her 13-year-old son dead, burning her home and then stripping and raping her.

As the men raped her, she said, they shouted insults against her ethnic group, the Salamat Arabs. “We’ll exterminate the Salamat men, and Salamat women will become slaves,” she quoted one of the attackers as saying.

Darfur isn’t in the headlines anymore, partly because there has been a lull in the killing in recent years and partly because so much else is happening worldwide. The Sudanese government, which tends to calibrate its brutality to the degree of attention it receives, is taking advantage of the lack of scrutiny by stepping up its decade-long campaign in Darfur of mass murder, burned villages and sexual violence.

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