Saudi Gazette: “Steady increase seen in cases of domestic violence”

RIYADH — Cases of physical and verbal abuse against women and children in the Kingdom have seen an alarming increase.

Crimes against women rose by 87.6 percent while those against children went up by about 45 percent during the few past years, a local daily reported this week quoting experts who called for expediting the issuance of a law to protect women and children against domestic violence.

The experts said about 59 percent of these horrendous crimes were committed by fathers while husbands were responsible for about 35 percent of them. “Abuses were also done by brothers, uncles and divorcées in various degrees,” they added.

The experts called for the immediate drafting of a law to protect women and children against family violence and said the reported figures were much less than the actual number of domestic violence cases on the ground. They said many women and children would shy away from reporting abuses by family members for fear of reprisals and out of ignorance of their rights.

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