10 Early Warning Signs: Identifying the Future Abuser

“It is important that you acknowledge any fears or concerns regarding your partner’s unhealthy behaviors. In fact, it is not enough just to know the warning signs of an abusive personality, but you must take action when something feels uncomfortable or “not right” to ensure your personal safety. Do not discount the power of your instincts, these suspicious feelings serve as your internal warning alarm, and they have kept you safe thus far. Do not seek alternative causes for your concerns or attempt to debunk or diminish your fears regarding his abusive behaviors; we already know that the level of violence and abuse will only continue to escalate over time. Recognize that you are feeling wary and fearful of your partner, also that patterns of abuse indicate that aggression will only increase, and that your intuition is warning you that you are in real danger. Learn the following behavioral traits of an abuser to protect yourself.”

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