Parenting after Separating from Your Abusive Ex

A Cry For Justice

Parents who’ve managed to extricate themselves from an abusive relationship often wonder what they need to do to ensure that their children will survive the ordeal in an emotionally healthy manner and not go on to repeat the irresponsible behaviors and abusive conduct they witnessed growing up. And while there’s no simple, reliable “formula” for preventing the things we fear most from happening, it’s crucial that abuse survivors come to a firm understanding and acceptance about the kinds of things over which they do and don’t have influence or power.

Very early in my work with survivors of relational abuse I learned some things that shed welcome new light on all the research findings on depression. And when I published my first book, In Sheep’s Clothing, I made sure to include what I had come to believe was the behavioral “formula” for depression. Focusing attention and investing time and…

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