The Danger of Rape Myths and How they Could Influence Court Anonymity

Purposefully Scarred

Most of what our society believes about rape are lies/myths which have been packaged and sold as truth. Rape myths threaten every culture, every country, and every person who has ever been victimized through sexual violence. We blame the victim and rally around the rapist. We expect women to not allow themselves to be raped rather than expecting men to know enough and care enough not to rape.

Lies are poisonous. Yet they seem palatable when they’ve been dressed up and passed down from one generation to the next. Rape Culture breeds and succeeds because lies are taken for reality and truth is dismissed as sentimental ignorance.

Believing a rape myth does not make it true. Whether a person, a community, a nation is willing to accept the truth about rape does not change the fact that rape is rape. Lies strengthen misogynist violence and victim blaming…

One of the many…

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